This class is a multi-level tumbling class, designed for students who just love to flip! It is geared towards each tumbler’s individual abilities. Students in this program will use the trampoline, tumble track, spring floor, air floor, and foam pit. They will perform strength and flexibility exercises that will help build their tumbling fundamentals, while learning new skills and improving their old tricks! This program is great for cheerleaders who are looking to get their cartwheels, round-offs, back handsprings and other skills necessary for try-outs and competitions.

Tumbling classes are held in during the school year and also in the summer!


NEW this year! BOYS Trampoline and Tumbling!

Designed for boys ages 9+ with lots of energy who want to learn to flip, fly, and tumble! Boys in this class will work with an experienced instructor to master the safest way to flip, while having tons of fun doing so!  This class will utilize our trampolines, floors, tumble track, bouncers, and more!