HOH-for-Calle-Part-2-106Gym Tots (ages 2-3)

Our Gym Tots program is designed for children ages 2-3 and their parents. The class begins with a fun warm-up incorporating motor and coordination skills. Each parent is expected to assist their child throughout the class. After the warm-up the children move to different areas of the gym, working on all of the gymnastics apparatus within a few weeks. These classes run for 40 minutes.



HOH-for-Calle-Part-2-089Gym Kids (ages 3-6)

The Gymkids program is for children ages 3-6. Like the Gym Tots program, each class begins with a fun warm-up and then moves to the gymnastics equipment where children begin learning the basic gymnastics skills. The classes are fun and energetic and instruction is provided on all equipment in the gym.  Gymkids will enjoy different theme weeks, such as teddy bear week, pajama week and beach week! These classes are 50 minutes long.