Monday-Friday 9:30-12:00

Single Days or Full Weeks available!

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In our camp programs, the morning is dedicated entirely to gymnastics. Beginner to advanced gymnasts enjoy structured gymnastics rotations as well as a popsicle break and open gym time. Children are evaluated by our professional staff and grouped based on age and ability.


Half day camp is best suited for:

Children who want to work on JUST their gymnastics skills

Younger children who are nervous about being away from home for a full day

Children who are considering signing up for gymnastics classes and want to try it out first

Xcel Team members who want an extra workout
Xcel Group:  Camp is staffed with at least one team coach each day, giving our Xcel team members the opportunity to get a team workout in when they cannot make it to regular summer practices.

Half Day Camp Schedule:

summercamp2014_16Fun Warm-Up Activity at 9:30: Games, obstacles, fitness challenges, etc…. we guarantee an amazing workout in just the first half hour!

Gymnastics Rotations: Gymnasts will practice on 3-4 events each morning, including Olympic events, trampoline, and tumble track!

★ Popsicle Break: We provide the pops!

Open Workout: Everyone’s favorite part of the day!  Gymnasts are given the freedom to choose ANY supervised event in the gym and practice whatever skills they would like! Open Workout is also a great time for children to socialize and make new friends!

Dismissal at 12:00


Half Day Camp Prices

Half Day Camp (9:30 am – 12:00 pm) –  Ages 4+
Full Week – $175 + FREE Early Drop Off (8-9:30!)

Individual Day Prices:
1 day per week – $50
2-3 days per week – $45
4-5 days per week – $35