November is Muscle Madness Month!

November is. . . . Muscle Madness Month!

To kick off Muscle Madness Month we are hosting our annual Community Food Drive Nov. 4-9.

“Yes I CAN!” Bring in any CANned or boxed food donation to class Nov 4-9, we will use them for a fun strength workout in the beginning of class. (Donations go to the Norwell Food Pantry)

“Yes . . .

I CAN accomplish my goals,
I CAN get stronger,
I CAN help out my community!”

Class Program Challenge-of-the-Month

Can you hold a chin hang on the bars?? Can you hold it for 5 seconds??. . . 10 seconds ??

GymKids & Tots

Do you know what muscles are? They are inside your body and make your body MOVE!

We will learn all about our muscles. . . . and how we use them to JUMP and STRETCH!