‘Head Over Heels’ for HOH

We wanted to share a letter we received from a parent of one of our lifelong gymnasts. Many parents tell us how much gymnastics has done for their child, and we are always so grateful to hear from them. We felt that this letter summed it up so perfectly:

August 28, 2013

Dear Patty, Jenn, Jenn, Joss, Amber, Carrie, Heather, Linda, Courtney, Theresa, Susi, and all of the coaches at Head Over Heels,

We just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to all of you for all you have done for our daughter* over the past 13 years.  You took a 5 year old little girl who couldn’t even do a cartwheel and turned her into a State Champion.  Thank you for your exceptional coaching skills, your infinite patience, your smiling encouragement, for pushing her when she needed to be pushed and for holding back when she didn’t.  Thank you for helping to achieve her goals with her skill, sheer determination and perseverance.  You have taught her wonderful life skills like dedication, practicing hard, challenging herself, having respect for her coaches and teammates, winning and losing with grace and dignity, and self-confidence.  I hope you are proud of the beautiful young woman she has become because you all had a part in making her into the person she is today. One of the smartest things I did for my daughter* was walk through the door to Head Over Heels in August of 2000.  You have given her so much to be proud of in a sport she loves so much.  We will miss sitting in the gym watching her practice and compete.  You have given us so many wonderful memories and we just wanted you to know how truly grateful we are.

With sincere and generous hearts,

Two very happy parents*

*Names have been omitted to respect privacy