Calle’s Miracle Run

with-sign2Head Over Heels is proud to be a sponsor of the 3rd Annual Calle’s Miracle Run.  The run is a memorial race in honor of Calle Cronk, a little girl from Norwell and former Head Over Heels gymnast who lost her battle to an inoperable brain tumor (DIPG) in 2013.

Calle’s Family created the Hope for Caroline Foundation to support other DIPG families and provide funding for further research to help find a cure.  This race is one of their largest fundraising events.

Head Over Heels will have runners as well as volunteers at the race.  We would love to see some of our customers come and support the Cronk family/Hope for Caroline foundation by running and/or donating.

The resources below provide more information about Calle, the Hope for Caroline Foundation, and Calle’s Miracle Run.

Calle’s Miracle Run – Official Site

Calle’s Miracle Run – Facebook Page

Hope for Caroline Foundation

Hope for Calle

Head Over Heels for Calle – Open House Fundraiser Photos